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boltless storage rack

 5-Tier Shelving Unit

5-tier Shelving Unit that can hold up to a massive 175kg per shelf. Besides the gigantic weight capacity, the Unit is also built with industrial strength steel with ample supporting beams and braces to hold and keep the structure firm and steady when fully loaded.
Each shelf can be adjusted to suit the height of the loads through its innovative boltless assembly system (no tools needed) and every component is powder-coated for a rust-resistant finish.
Product parameters

   finished powder painting

Thickness of upright:0.7mm
Thickness of short&long beam: 0.7mm 
Center support bar:0.7mm
MDF Board Thickness:5mm
Product Size:L90xW60xH180cm
Material:Steel&MDF Board
Load Capavity:175kg per shelf
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