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4 Tier MDF Board Freestanding Shelf Unit

  Quick & easy tap together assembly

Industrial grade shelving with 4 MDF Board

Push-on feet included for added stability & floor protection

Heavy duty 295kg uniformly distributed load per shelf level

Centre support struts prevent each shelf from sagging

Tough powder coated red finish

Boltless, No Bolts & Nuts

Adjustable shelf levels at every 38mm

Product parameters

 Model: TI155-2H

Dimension LxWxH: 180x180x45 cm

Thickness of Steel:1.2mm

Thickness of Board:7.6mm

Central Bar:3 PCS/Shelf

Load Capacity: 295 KG/Shelf

Certificate: CE / InterTek

Packing: Into 2 Mail Order Boxes

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