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2 wheel dump cart ATV tipping trailer

*Durable Poly or metal bed made to last.
*Fits most lawn and garden tractors.
*Durable construction cleans up quickly and lasts for years.
*Heavy duty load capacity for larger jobs.
*16"or 18"pneumatic tires allow for easy maneuverability.
*Whether you are removing fallen branches and debris
*hauling wood or doing yard work
*an Agri-Fab cart can fit your needs all season long.



Product parameters


Product Dimensions:L1930xW940xH750mm
Load capacity:10cuft
ATV Off Road tyre:16”x8-7   
Hub Length:110mm
Tyre weight:4.55kg
Lever Size:L1165xW78xH42mm
Bed size:L1195xW925xH290mm
Bed weight:8.6kg
Spare parts carton size :830x430x265mm/1.25kg
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